Mike Perry angered Jake Paul’s coach by sharing a “fake script” outlining his bout with Tommy Fury.

Mike Perry, the former UFC luminary, was present to substitute in case Tommy Fury withdrew.

Mike Perry disclosed that he received a furious message from Jake Paul’s coach following his publication of a fabricated script detailing the Tommy Fury fight.

Having inked a contract to compete against Paul, the ex-UFC fighter served as the reserve challenger for the affair in Saudi Arabia last weekend, although he was ultimately not needed, as the former Love Island star scored a big win, earning a split-decision victory.

Despite not squaring off against ‘The Problem Child’, Perry caused a stir by sharing a fictitious script for the Paul vs. Fury bout on social media.

He took into Twitter a controversial paper that listed how the fight would play out, accompanied with the caption: “What’s happening?”

The document outlined that Paul would enter the ring dressed as a baby and inflict a severe eye injury on Fury before clinching a TKO victory in the eighth round. Additionally, the ‘script’ proposed that Paul would challenge KSI in his post-fight celebrations, and it was shared so extensively that the event’s promoters had to issue a statement. They informed The Sun, “We can confirm it’s a fake.”

At the Diriyah Arena on Sunday, Fury took control of the narrative by skillfully outmaneuvering Paul across eight rounds and clinching a split-decision victory. With this win, he improved his unbeaten record to 9-0 and secured a position in the WBC rankings.

Perry has now disclosed that he was not the author of the script, despite publicizing it on Twitter, where it was shared almost 3000 times and reached an audience of 6.5 million people.

“It was an Instagram post I think my buddy sent me,” he told TMZ Sports.

“I posted it on Twitter, and it’s likely my best tweet to date. It received a lot of attention. People talked a lot of trash about me for it. “

The 31-year-old fighter also revealed that he received an irate message from someone on Paul’s team, but he was unfazed because the former Disney actor had previously leaked footage of one of their sparring sessions.

Perry went on to say, “Jake’s coach messaged me, upset about his reputation. But I was thinking, well, Jake didn’t care about my reputation when he posted a video of what I said to him during practice.”

The bare-knuckle boxer has already turned his attention away from a prospective match against ‘The Problem Child’ since he has secured a bout with former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold on April 29.

Perry is slated to headline a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship event that includes a clash between Chad Mendes and Eddie Alvarez, both of whom were defeated by Conor McGregor in UFC title bouts.