First Black Man To Be In The Ghost Shadows | Teaching The Art Of D.A.S To The Military Part 4

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The Mother of S.W.A.M GM Odette Russell | Deadly Art of Survival Podcast Episode #2 Part 1

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How we published a #1 Bestseller martial arts magazine on Amazon

Around late September, we decided to officially create a Martial Art’s Magazine. In it we honored about 17 to 20 different East Coast Martial Arts Legends, and it turned out to be extremely successful.

Here’s how that happened:

Step one was getting together everybody’s getting their bios emailed to us directly, I believe it was 17 different bios.

Step Two was creating the cover and all 60 pages of the magazine back cover, structuring that out. Everyone had sent in photos along with their bio, so this made this process easier than having to get stock photos from the Internet and add them to the magazine. Even though we did use some stock photos for certain backgrounds this made it a little more easier. This by far was the most difficult step, as far as the process just because we had to single-handedly design each page of the magazine, so that each page had a different look.

Step Three was finalizing the designs to make sure everything was complete.

Step Four was deciding whether or not we should only upload to Amazon and sell via Amazon or we should upload to a website called blurb. Blurb has options for magazines and is also connected to Amazon but that’s because I think blurb literally just outsources to Amazon. I think they just charge a higher fee and then get the magazines made through Amazon. I’m not too sure, because we ended up just going with Amazon.

Step Five was hiring someone to format the files so that it would be approved on Amazon KDP. I think the next issue I’ll most likely do this part myself, even though this part is a pain (hence why I outsourced). Everything up until this point was pretty much free. Formatting the file, cost around $50 on Fiverr, if anybody needs help formatting their book or a book to Amazon to publish on Amazon thing. You can just go to Fiverr and hire somebody to do it, it’s not that expensive. That’s depending on how many books how many e-books do you want to publish, the prices vary anywhere from five dollars to $10 but yeah that was pretty much my process for Publishing our magazine onto Amazon and it was well worth all the hard work and time spent into it. Because now it is the #1 Bestseller Magazine and also #1 New Release on Amazon. Magazine and also ebook.

Geronimo Wilkerson, (trained under Nathan Ingram), posing with the magazine.

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Cuomo impeachment has been suspended by the New York state assembly

The New York State assembly has suddenly stopped it’s suspension of Governor Cuomo in the recent week of his resignation. According to judiciary committee chair Charles Levine there were a number of reasons for the suspension of the cuomo investigation.

The main reason being that the investigation was to consider whether Cuomo would still be in office. Investigations were launched back in March and evidence of sexual harassment and misconduct were found. New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, will replace Cuomo on August 24. Hochul has stated she intends to run for re-election in her own right next year.


The former Governor’s last words before his resignation were, “New York tough means New York loving, and I love New York and I love you.” “I would never want to be unhelpful in any way, and I think given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to governing, and therefore, that’s what I’ll do.”

A Boogie wit da hoodie Bronx Native Rapper being sued for clogging toilets with doodoo in lavish NJ Mansion

Bronx rapper A boogie wit da Hoodie has been charged with foul use of toiletries.

It’s been revealed that he was the source of $250,000 in damages to a rental mansion out in Mahwah, NJ. He was said to have clogged the toilets so bad, that sewage spilled through the floors.

Julius Dubose – A Boogie wit da Hoodie

Julius Dubose – had also been busted on weapons charges last month in a different home not to far from his current residence. Dubose – having 3 top charting number 1 albums, has neglected the rental mansion during his stay there and is building up a pretty crappy rep as a tenant.

Further damages include cut-out carpet and stains in multiple areas of the home. Walls and molding damages, landscaping damages, and entryway damages that have left the home unable to be leased until major repairs were done.

While Dubose’s team has failed to respond to the allegations. The owners of the home are requesting compensation of $263,592 and have already filed a claim with their insurers.

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