Holding Promoters Hostage Until We Got Our Money!! Warriors of The Velvet Rope Ep. 5 Pt. 3 | DAOS TV

Holding Promoters Hostage

Holding Promoters Hostage Until We Get Our Money!!

What’s talked about in this episode:

✅ Promoters
✅ Bouncers Pay

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Public Statement by The Deadly Art of Survival Magazine

The Deadly Art of Survival Magazine is proud to announce that starting with the 6th Edition, a portion of our magazine sales will go towards Angelslive.org.

Angelslive inc. is a Non-Profit organization, who’s purpose is to provide help to homeless military veterans & seniors.

They also assist those who have been affected by natural disasters and pandemics.

We as martial artists have given our entire lives to our communities, but after these long years, there are still those in need.

It’s our goal to help the unfortunate and those who have fought for our country.

With this partnership, we ask that you support our cause. Oss!



Introducing A New Martial Arts Comic Series “Apollo”

Here’s a sneak peek of the brand new upcoming martial arts comic series called “Apollo”. Set in the lower East side of New York City. The story follows an inner-city martial artist, who’s every day battle is against criminals and drugs.

Apollo works as a bouncer and bodyguard at night and Martial Arts instructor by day. All the events set in the story are inspired by true events. Each episode will have an individual speak on every situation that they were present at.

The first official introduction of Apollo will appear in the Deadly Art of Survival Magazine second issue coming this December 2021.

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This Company Turned Their Magazine Cover Into An NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

A Martial Arts company by the name of Deadly Art of Survival just stepped into the NFT metaverse, by turning their magazine cover and content into an NFT.

According to our sources, it isn’t like they desperately needed to turn their content digital, it was a matter of creating more streams of income. Especially in this day and age, sales for the magazine have done extremely well over the course of 2021. They have also sold merchandise along with their paper back magazine and eBook pushing sales even further.

Now with the listing of their new digital token on rarible.com. This puts them into a different category as well as audience. Their plans for 2022 is to convert their second Magazine into an NFT as well, and any other magazine that they publish for the year. They have also been working on a new comic book series Slated for December 2021. The comic book will follow a character known as Apollo who is a Martial Artist, bodyguard, and community hero. Apollo is an introductory series, that will pave the way for a crime fighting team.

Rarible | NFT Marketplace

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How we published a #1 Bestseller martial arts magazine on Amazon

Around late September, we decided to officially create a Martial Art’s Magazine. In it we honored about 17 to 20 different East Coast Martial Arts Legends, and it turned out to be extremely successful.

Here’s how that happened:

Step one was getting together everybody’s getting their bios emailed to us directly, I believe it was 17 different bios.

Step Two was creating the cover and all 60 pages of the magazine back cover, structuring that out. Everyone had sent in photos along with their bio, so this made this process easier than having to get stock photos from the Internet and add them to the magazine. Even though we did use some stock photos for certain backgrounds this made it a little more easier. This by far was the most difficult step, as far as the process just because we had to single-handedly design each page of the magazine, so that each page had a different look.

Step Three was finalizing the designs to make sure everything was complete.

Step Four was deciding whether or not we should only upload to Amazon and sell via Amazon or we should upload to a website called blurb. Blurb has options for magazines and is also connected to Amazon but that’s because I think blurb literally just outsources to Amazon. I think they just charge a higher fee and then get the magazines made through Amazon. I’m not too sure, because we ended up just going with Amazon.

Step Five was hiring someone to format the files so that it would be approved on Amazon KDP. I think the next issue I’ll most likely do this part myself, even though this part is a pain (hence why I outsourced). Everything up until this point was pretty much free. Formatting the file, cost around $50 on Fiverr, if anybody needs help formatting their book or a book to Amazon to publish on Amazon thing. You can just go to Fiverr and hire somebody to do it, it’s not that expensive. That’s depending on how many books how many e-books do you want to publish, the prices vary anywhere from five dollars to $10 but yeah that was pretty much my process for Publishing our magazine onto Amazon and it was well worth all the hard work and time spent into it. Because now it is the #1 Bestseller Magazine and also #1 New Release on Amazon. Magazine and also ebook.

Geronimo Wilkerson, (trained under Nathan Ingram), posing with the magazine.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this post, my name is Jacob Ingram. If you want to take a look our martial arts magazine or need any help with your book publishing process send a msg I’m on IG, FB, Pinterest. @deadlyartofsurvival or visit deadlyartofsurvival.com