MMA Legend Mark Hunt criticized the UFC and Jon Jones, whom he called a “cheating steroid rat” after winning against Ciryl Gane.

Mark Hunt launched a scathing assault on Jon Jones and cast doubt on the authenticity of the UFC following its latest event.

In the lead-up to his fight against Ciryl Gane at UFC 285, MMA legend Mark Hunt took a swipe at both the company and Jon Jones.

After Jones won the heavyweight title by submitting Gane, Hunt took to social media to point out Jones’ history of drug test failures and arrests. He also questioned the legitimacy of the UFC for promoting someone like Jones, who recently became the second-highest-paid fighter on their roster.

Hunt’s comments included calling Jones a “cheating steroid rat” and suggesting that the UFC has no credibility for promoting such fighters. It’s worth noting that there have been no allegations of wrongdoing by either the fighter or the company leading up to the event.

However, Hunt has been in conflict with the UFC since 2017 when he filed a lawsuit against the promotion, its president Dana White, and his opponent at UFC 200, Brock Lesnar.

Hunt sued the UFC, Dana White, and Brock Lesnar following UFC 200

At the landmark event in July 2016, Mark Hunt claimed that the UFC knew Brock Lesnar was using banned substances prior to their fight.

However, in January 2022, the United States District Court in Nevada dismissed the case and ordered Hunt to pay £573,000 ($690,000) in legal fees to the UFC.

Despite this, Hunt’s legacy in MMA remains strong, with famous knockout wins against Derrick Lewis, Frank Mir, Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, and Roy Nelson.

Hunt retired from MMA and transitioned to professional boxing, where he scored a huge upset victory over Rugby legend Sonny Bill Williams in November.

Jon Jones emerges as the new heavyweight champion after defeating Ciryl Gane in his return to the UFC

In his comeback fight and heavyweight debut, Jon Jones made it seem effortless.

Jon Jones, also known as ‘Bones’, claimed the title of heavyweight champion of the world in a swift victory over Ciryl Gane during the UFC 285 main event held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

After a low blow at the start of the fight, the former two-time light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, swiftly took down Ciryl Gane and began working on submissions. Within a little over two minutes, Jones secured a tap from the Frenchman and became a two-weight UFC champion, solidifying his status as the greatest of all time after years of debate.

During his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, the emotional 35-year-old expressed his excitement, saying,

“I’ve been working on this for a long time. You know, a lot of people thought I was never coming back but I’ve been faithful to my goal and mission.”

Jones then expressed an interest in fighting former two-time heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, to whom he has been heavily linked, in July.

“Y’all want to see me beat up Stipe? One thing I know about the UFC is we give the fans what they want to see,” he added.

“I hope you’re training, Stipe Miocic, my guy. You’re the greatest heavyweight of all time, and that’s what I want. I want you so bad,” said Jones, expressing his desire to fight the former two-time heavyweight champion.

Miocic hasn’t fought since his knockout loss to Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 in March 2021, and the 40-year-old was previously hoping to face Jones in 2021, but the fight fell through, and Jones ended up fighting Gane instead.

Now, with Jones winning the heavyweight title, it appears that both fighters are ready to face each other in the summer.

UFC 285 Face-Offs: Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane’s Intense Staredown Ahead of Title Fight

Ahead of their highly anticipated heavyweight bout, Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane came face-to-face for the first time.

MMA enthusiasts have eagerly awaited the heavyweight title bout between Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane, scheduled to take place at UFC 285 in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Fans were thrilled to see Jones move up in weight to challenge the former interim champion.

During the pre-fight press conference at the KA Theater at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Thursday night, the two competitors had the chance to size each other up. The heated exchange of verbal jabs between them was met with immense enthusiasm from the crowd.

Moments after the press conference ended, Jones approached Gane with an intense look of determination, causing UFC president Dana White to intervene and place the vacant title belt between them. However, Jones disregarded the strap and pushed it away in order to come face-to-face with Gane and engage in a powerful stare-down.

Conor McGregor excluded from Jon Jones’ top-five list of the greatest UFC fighters in history.

Although UFC superstar Jon Jones is set to make his highly anticipated comeback this weekend in a heavyweight title bout against Cyril Gane, he did not include fellow superstar Conor McGregor in his list of the best fighters in UFC history.

When asked to name his top five greatest UFC fighters of all time, Jon Jones did not include Conor McGregor on the list. Jones is set to return to the octagon this weekend to challenge Cyril Gane for the vacant heavyweight title at UFC 285 in Las Vegas.

This year, UFC fans can also look forward to the return of superstar McGregor, who will end his hiatus from the octagon to participate in the latest series of The Ultimate Fighter, where he will face Michael Chandler. McGregor is widely regarded as one of the best UFC fighters of all time, having achieved the impressive feat of becoming a two-weight king during the prime of his career.

Despite McGregor’s status as a former double champion and one of the best to ever compete in the sport, Jon Jones has excluded Conor McGregor from his list of the top five greatest UFC fighters of all time. Jones, who is set to make a highly anticipated return to the octagon this weekend to challenge Cyril Gane for the vacant heavyweight title, named Khabib Nurmagomedov, Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, and Jose Aldo as his favorites.

“I would say – if I’m allowed – I would say myself, Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Jose Aldo. Those are my favorites at least,” Jones told RMC Sport when naming his UFC ‘Mount Rushmore’. “I love what Khabib represents. We’ve had our differences in the past, and I’ve made some quotes about him. But there’s never really been a real beef. I love the way he carries himself as a Muslim, I love the way he represents his country. I love the businessman that he is. He just seems like a stand-up guy, who gives back to others. He’s a stand-up guy, an admirable man. I appreciate his existence.”

McGregor, who is also set to return to the UFC after a hiatus to compete in The Ultimate Fighter, aims to make a successful comeback and potentially challenge for a title at 170lb if he defeats Michael Chandler.