Top 3 Most Useful Things To Buy On Amazon For Your Home (Under $25)!

It’s literally ridiculous how many things Amazon sells everyday. And what’s crazy is most of the stuff that you buy is under $25 so it’s reasonably priced and super useful. I went over 100 different products looking for the best of the best, but it narrowed down to these three products.

1. Amazon smart plug

Amazon Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet. Schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you’re away.


2. Daiwa Felicity five in one vibrating massager

This awesome massage set is one of the coolest things to buy all Amazon. It comes with five attachments that you can put on, an attachment for a deep scalp, an attachment for a face massage, two point massage, and the handle itself also can become a massager!


3. Mini Bluetooth speaker

All right, this little guy is high up on my Amazon list. This tiny speaker is so loud it will fill the entire room with a strong base and sound… And at this price you can go wrong


Should I buy a Condo, House, or Multi-Family|How to Get Started In Real Estate


When I started my first time home buying process, I questioned myself whether or not if I wanted to move into a condo, single family home, or multi family.

Here’s what it came down to. I wanted to move into something that wasn’t going to need any work that was one. With houses, they typically require a lot of handy work, meaning you may need to replace some fixtures, in a few months time you may need to replace the roof, or the siding. There’s a ton of things you may have problems with. Houses are typically more expensive than condos price wise, monthly payment wise, single family’s are generally cheaper. You don’t have to pay for a HOA fee, which are tacked on fees that cover everything from building management, building upkeep, water bills, garbage fees, and so and so forth.


Not having to pay that HOA fee means saving yourself an extra 200 to 500 dollars a month!

Now buying a two family home is even more expensive than buying a single family house, you have all the same expenses as buying a single family and then some. The only difference is, when owning a multi family, you have the opportunity to rent the opposite side out, saving you on your mortgage payment.

I chose to go with a condo, because A. I didn’t have to put any work into it, if I did I would end up making the home worth more so that was a place. B. the mortgage was affordable as was the HOA fee, C. the price tag compared to other condominiums 30 minutes away was generally cheaper by hundreds of thousands of dollars!


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Top 3 Ways to Buy a Home with Bad Credit |No Money Down| Essential Real Estate Tips

There’s many hidden costs when it comes to buying real estate. You have inspection fees, attorney fees, appraisal fees, and so on and so forth. All of these fees, what you call closing costs, sum up to be anywhere from 3 to 6 percent of the total loan. And that depends on if you go with a FHA loan or a conventional loan. With an FHA loan you may pay more fees than what you would if you went with a conventional loan. This is all because you may be a little riskier credit wise, FHA loans have less strict lending restrictions so people with lower credit scores go with these loans making the closing costs more expensive.


But fear not there are a number of ways to work your way around paying these closing costs and even down payment. You just have to use your resources well, and search through the internet until you find a blog that will guide you through the way, like this one! Being a first time home buyer opens up a lot of doors when it comes to avoiding closing costs and high percentage down payments.


1 Find Grants that will give you up to 10k to fund your down payment and closing costs.

Let’s go into further detail on what grants are. Grants give you money that does not need to be paid in return. Money that comes with no strings attached is by far the single and best kind ,and it can help tremendously with your down payment. There are various grant programs out there designed to cater to your areas of need. Whether it’s money for a down payment or closing costs. You can receive grants from nonprofits, local governments, and even employers.


Examples of Grant Programs (click the programs for more information):

Freddie Mac Home Possible 

HomePath ready buyer program

NJHMFA state-wide Down Payment Assistance Program

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2 Apply for a VA or USDA loan which will allows no money down


The U.S. Department of Agriculture also insures 0% down payment loans. The requirement is that you must buy a house in a rural area and meet certain income restrictions. Closely consider what’s important to you in a home and a location. When it comes to a VA loan, these mortgages are usually offered through a Department of Veterans Affairs program. They’re mostly available to active and veteran service members and their families, VA loans are backed by the federal government, but are issued through private lenders. VA loans have generous terms, such as no down payment, no mortgage insurance, no prepayment penalties and limited 


3 Ask for Seller Concessions, and let the seller pay for your closing costs 

When going with a FHA loan you can only receive up to 3 percent of sellers concessions. So if your house’s purchase price is $100k, you’re getting $3k from the seller. This should cover the closing costs in full if it doesn’t you can roll the rest of closing costs into the end of the loan. 

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The next step would be paying the down payment, which would equal $3500. If you want to take it even further, you can borrow the $3500 from a family member. If you go with this method you would end up paying $0 to own a piece of land and a piece of property. 

Is It A Good Time To Purchase A Home Today in America?! To Buy Or Not To Buy That Is The Question.

Implications like these tell us that a Buyer’s markets, within the next couple of months, could possibly be coming. Inventory may come on the market at much more accurate prices. The people who will benefit from this, will be essential workers, who have strong cash reserves on hand


undefined De-listings are up way over 100 Percent this quarter, that is the highest it has been in history today so what does this mean to us Real Estate Investors and Home Buyers. The corona-virus has put a wrench in this years real estate market —but don’t expect buyers to lower their prices. Today’s Sellers are simply not giving in to the temptation to lowers prices accordingly. Along with the Sellers making it hard for buyers, Lenders are also making it harder to close new loans even though rates are low, staff are laid off or working from home, and the Covid-19 environment makes things like getting inspections and appraisals much more difficult.


Implications like these tell us that a Buyer’s markets, within the next couple of months, could possibly be coming. Inventory may come on the market at much more accurate prices. The people who will benefit from this, will be essential workers, who have strong cash reserves on hand. Potentially you may actually have less competition and a more level playing field when it comes to offers and closing cost concessions, because showings are – No pun intended- virtually limited.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s a Great time to buy if you’re not at risk of being laid off
  • You have an ample amount of cash reserves to use as a safety net
  • Get a Number or Price you can work with, Negotiate the price down


The work from home experiment has proven to workout for the economy, this means that the demand for homes with office space will be up. So when scouring the market for a home be sure to add extra space/ home office as a requirement to the menu.  Evidently the big winners will be home-buyers who have patience, however if you can get a discounted deal in today’s market with a low interest then your in the game.

90 Percent of Millionaires become so through owning real estate

– Andrew Carnegie