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JULY 20th — During times like this, the idea of working at home and working out from home is becoming more of a reality for millions of people. Most gyms are still pending, waiting to open their doors to the public. Now imagine, being able to workout from home and get paid for every class you attended. Sounds like it’s too good to be true right!? But it’s not. With’s new affiliate membership you can get paid for every class you participate in. Every time you share a post about boxburnabs, every blog post written about boxburnabs, and every time you check-in on instagram or Facebook you will be paid as soon as we see it! 


With the Affiliate membership, you get bonus income for every member you sign up. Imagine accumulating enough money to throw into your acorns account or your cash app investment account and make a return on money made JUST FROM WORKING OUT. But wait, not only are you making money while getting in shape. You have access to fitness classes, yoga classes, and also free weekly diet plans. If you have any questions about our exercises or ways to make the workouts harder or less strenuous, all you have to do is ask the chat box on

This whole monthly program was originally going to go for $19.99 a month. But we scratched that price, to make it more affordable for everyone, and so that you can profit from your membership, PRICING our program fee to a great value  of $15.99….


To get PAID to workout and share your experience with others, That’s a no-brainer. I mean, who wouldn’t pay that price to feel good about themselves and get paid at the same time. However we didn’t stop there, we made affiliate membership FREE for 7 Days so that you can get paid right away without paying anything. After your free trial, your membership will kick in and you will be paying a EASY $9.99 a month for unlimited fitness classes, yoga classes, and residual income! So what’s there to talk about, get on our waitlist at so that you can be first in line to get paid to workout!



In fitness the most important aspect by far, is your diet. As we age our metabolism starts to slowdown and decrease, making it easier to gain weight rather than lose. When we’re kids its easy for us to lose weight because we’re so active, and constantly moving around. Kids are not worried about food, they eat less than adults and play more; it’s their cardio! Fun fact, an average adult needs to do at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday if they want to be considered healthy.

Out of the 24 hours in a day you only need to workout 30 minutes, its not that difficult, you just have to have the desire and motivation. Sometimes we hire personal trainers because we need that extra push to make it to a workout. Trust me I know, I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and have trained well over 1000 people, including one on one sessions and group classes. If you want that extra push to hit your goals,  have a workout pre-scheduled in your day, and feel like you finally did something other than sit down. Sign up for a FREE DIET PLAN and FREE VIRTUAL FITNESS CLASS


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Free BOX+BURN+ABS Online Fitness Class via ZOOM This Upcoming Wednesday 5/20 at 7:45 PM!



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If you enjoyed the class use this link to sign up to gain access to more classes!

Next week, Box+Burn+Abs we’ll be hosting a Free Online fitness class via Zoom this upcoming Wednesday 5/20 @ 7;45 PM, Everyone is invited. You are free to pass the link on to family members, friends, and co-workers! We are giving back to anyone who has been in distress since the lock down. This is a great way to stay active and reach your fitness goals, during hard times it’s easy to forget how important physical fitness is and how easy it is to get out of shape; fast. Classes are normally only .99 cents per class with a $5 membership which is still a bargain but to give back we cutting that price for next Wednesday and making it free. During the class you are working out with other members of Box+Burn+Abs, but you do not need to be seen or heard! You have your own sense of privacy while taking a Box+Burn+Abs class, plus you have the convenience of doing the workout from home.

The Class is 30 minutes long, no weights or exercise equipment needed during our workout!!

It is recommended that you workout at your own pace, and take breaks during the workout, water breaks, seated breaks etc. Please join in at least 3 mins before to gather yourself and get ready for an action packed workout. After doing the free workout, you can sign up for a membership here by clicking the JOIN NOW button! Spread the news for us, and help get others in shape next Wednesday 5/20 @ 7:45 PM Eastern Time

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