Is Facebook Discriminating Against Users in Today’s World? Says They Just Might Be!

One of The Deadly Art of Survival’s followers woke up to a notification on Facebook saying that his post have gone against community guidelines and that they would be removed from Facebook.

All of the companies posts are being removed completely off of Facebook. Dating back to September 2021.

DOAS Magazine or is known for having the #1 Martial Arts Magazine on Amazon. The brand makes 98% of their revenue off of Facebook alone now having their content blocked and restricted access cuts down that stream of revenue to zero. Due to their enormous following on Instagram and Facebook, a lot of their post and content are constantly posted on all social media platforms. They receive thousands of likes, comments, and views on a daily basis, and have an extremely supportive following.

Being a black owned brand that incorporates all races, isn’t easy. Their business is run out of their homes, and having an income source cut off abruptly, makes things 10 times more difficult.

Companies like Facebook make billions of dollars per year, so how could they just shut off a pipeline that monetarily supports families and uplifts Martial Artists that have done amazing things for their communities.

In some instances, your banned for a couple of days, but in this case, all of their content for the past year has been removed. Followers who have also shared their content have also had their posts removed as well. Even threatened with account suspension, all for being supportive?

DAOS’s 6th Edition Magazine Featuring Wesley Snipes.

We’ve seen cases like this before, in the flooding of black owned towns. To simply remove their existence in such a disastrous way and control who gets to pass on generational wealth. You can’t help to compare the two, especially since it bares similarities in what’s going on right now. From Black owned stores being burned down, red lining, Black history being removed from textbooks. Answer me this. Is it possible for discrimination to go on behind the scenes of social media? Almost to sort of control who gets engagement, If so, this definitely needs to be addressed. Let us know in the comments.

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