“I’m Here For The Girls” on Amazon Today | A Must Read

After 7 years of divine timing, “The Hope Dealer” Renata A. Hannans presents the followup to her acclaimed debut, P.S. Never Give Up Hope.

I’m Here For The Girls chronicles the lives of 11 women and how men played a role in their incarceration. Traumatic experiences, including addiction, domestic violence, sexual abuse, loyal commitment to young love and devastating, accidental circumstances are all explained throughout the poignant pages.

Renata A. Hannans

These daughters-mothers-wives lay their hearts on the line while sharing how they repeatedly, or unexpectedly, ended up behind bars. Through self-reflection via their own words, each chapter pieces together true details about the girls who deserve to have their stories told.

These stories made me want to hug my little daughter and cherish every moment I have with her as a father. This just goes to show you, that every human being has a story, and has overcome so much in their life. I highly recommend this book, whether your a father mother, sister, or brother. Get a copy, and shoutout to all the amazing women that gave their testimonial.

Jacob Ingram

Author bio

Renata A. Hannans nationally known as The Hope Dealer, is a Jacksonville native who earned her B.S. in Social Science from Jacksonville University. Renata’s niche for criminal law was discovered at an early age, immediately stemming from her recollection of sitting in on her first trial as a public observer. As a former Case Manager, she was tasked with the responsibilities of guiding at-risk high school students during the pivotal moments of their adolescent years. Since publishing her first book, P.S. Never Give Up Hope, in 2013 she has founded an advocacy organization, P.S. Never Give Up Hope, Inc., focused on reducing recidivism and promoting literacy.

Personal Chiller | LED Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer (White) Take It On The Go

Ever needed a fresh cold beverage in the middle of the night? But the Refrigerator was way too far to just get up and walk all the way down the hall way. Or how about when it’s time for your baby’s feeding, and you have to travel to the fridge and make a bottle. Well with the personal chiller, you won’t have to. You can place a bottle of water or 3 in this LED mini-fridge, keeping it cool and ready to drink at any time. Store anything from food products to make-up as seen below. Click here for more details!

The Personal Chiller can be set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and its warm setting maintains temperature at 131 degrees Fahrenheit. It can fit up to (6) cans of 12 Oz sodas, having the storage capacity to fill multiple juices and other items.

You could even separate products with it’s multi position separator, and you don’t have to worry about noise throughout the middle of the night. It has thermoelectric technology which makes its condenser vibration free, for peaceful sleeping.

Take your personal chiller on the road with its interchangeable power cords for you wall outlet and also car outlet. Which is convenient for drivers on long trips, you can keep your food stored and cool. With its light 6 liter weight, compact frame, you can carry it by its handle located on top of the fridge. Grab one of these stylish fridges today at $47.99, and save yourself the headache of running to the fridge every night.