Explosive Clash: Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler’s Fiery Rivalry Ignites on TUF Set

Hold onto your seats, fight fans!

UFC President Dana White has just revealed that tensions are at an all-time high between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler. A heated argument even broke out on set during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter Season 31, catching everyone off guard.

Fans were initially thrilled about the friendly pairing of the coaches, but it seems like that’s all about to change. Chandler, who had been relentlessly calling out McGregor for months, is making his coaching debut on the show this season, while McGregor returns for his second stint. The pre-fight buzz is already electrifying, and it looks like we’re in for a heart-pounding rivalry that will leave us on the edge of our seats.

“Chandler and Conor were very respectful to each other, and then some things started escalating that you’ll see on the show. They don’t like each other now,” White said of McGregor/Chandler. “A lot of shit went down on Friday…the stuff that just happened, shouldn’t have happened…not good.”

Conor McGregor is itching for a chance to redeem himself after his last fight ended in a loss to Dustin Poirier by medical stoppage at UFC 264. Even while injured, McGregor showed he’s a true promoter and attacked Poirier during his post-fight interview. Now, he’s more motivated than ever to get his first victory since January 2020 and show the world what he’s truly made of.

But he won’t have it easy. Michael Chandler is also on a mission to bounce back from a defeat to Poirier at UFC 281 last November. As he makes his coaching debut on The Ultimate Fighter, he’ll be determined to prove himself as a force to be reckoned with and come out on top in his upcoming showdown with McGregor.

With both fighters hungry for redemption, this is shaping up to be an explosive, must-see battle that you won’t want to miss!

MMA Legend Mark Hunt criticized the UFC and Jon Jones, whom he called a “cheating steroid rat” after winning against Ciryl Gane.

Mark Hunt launched a scathing assault on Jon Jones and cast doubt on the authenticity of the UFC following its latest event.

In the lead-up to his fight against Ciryl Gane at UFC 285, MMA legend Mark Hunt took a swipe at both the company and Jon Jones.

After Jones won the heavyweight title by submitting Gane, Hunt took to social media to point out Jones’ history of drug test failures and arrests. He also questioned the legitimacy of the UFC for promoting someone like Jones, who recently became the second-highest-paid fighter on their roster.

Hunt’s comments included calling Jones a “cheating steroid rat” and suggesting that the UFC has no credibility for promoting such fighters. It’s worth noting that there have been no allegations of wrongdoing by either the fighter or the company leading up to the event.

However, Hunt has been in conflict with the UFC since 2017 when he filed a lawsuit against the promotion, its president Dana White, and his opponent at UFC 200, Brock Lesnar.

Hunt sued the UFC, Dana White, and Brock Lesnar following UFC 200

At the landmark event in July 2016, Mark Hunt claimed that the UFC knew Brock Lesnar was using banned substances prior to their fight.

However, in January 2022, the United States District Court in Nevada dismissed the case and ordered Hunt to pay £573,000 ($690,000) in legal fees to the UFC.

Despite this, Hunt’s legacy in MMA remains strong, with famous knockout wins against Derrick Lewis, Frank Mir, Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, and Roy Nelson.

Hunt retired from MMA and transitioned to professional boxing, where he scored a huge upset victory over Rugby legend Sonny Bill Williams in November.

Jon Jones emerges as the new heavyweight champion after defeating Ciryl Gane in his return to the UFC

In his comeback fight and heavyweight debut, Jon Jones made it seem effortless.

Jon Jones, also known as ‘Bones’, claimed the title of heavyweight champion of the world in a swift victory over Ciryl Gane during the UFC 285 main event held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

After a low blow at the start of the fight, the former two-time light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, swiftly took down Ciryl Gane and began working on submissions. Within a little over two minutes, Jones secured a tap from the Frenchman and became a two-weight UFC champion, solidifying his status as the greatest of all time after years of debate.

During his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, the emotional 35-year-old expressed his excitement, saying,

“I’ve been working on this for a long time. You know, a lot of people thought I was never coming back but I’ve been faithful to my goal and mission.”

Jones then expressed an interest in fighting former two-time heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, to whom he has been heavily linked, in July.

“Y’all want to see me beat up Stipe? One thing I know about the UFC is we give the fans what they want to see,” he added.

“I hope you’re training, Stipe Miocic, my guy. You’re the greatest heavyweight of all time, and that’s what I want. I want you so bad,” said Jones, expressing his desire to fight the former two-time heavyweight champion.

Miocic hasn’t fought since his knockout loss to Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 in March 2021, and the 40-year-old was previously hoping to face Jones in 2021, but the fight fell through, and Jones ended up fighting Gane instead.

Now, with Jones winning the heavyweight title, it appears that both fighters are ready to face each other in the summer.

The UFC has made plans for an event in Canada in 2023.

During the post-event press conference for UFC Vegas 70 last Saturday, UFC President Dana White revealed plans for a return to Canada in 2023.

The announcement was made following the welterweight bout between Canadians Mike Malott and Yohan Lainesse, which ended with Malott (9-1) submitting Lainesse (9-2) via an arm triangle choke in the first round. Additionally, Canadian fighter Jasmine Jasudavicius won a unanimous decision over Gabriella Fernandes, bringing her record to 8-2.

“Yes, yes, yes, and yes, White said. “Obviously, it’s huge to have rising stars that are Canadian and guys that are actually legit and can really fight. And there’s no doubt both of those guys that fought tonight are. Malott looked incredible. And yes, we’re working on getting back to Canada ASAP. This is going to be the year that you know- the whole COVID thing, it’s gonna take us a few years to get back and hit every place that we need to hit. But the great part of it is that all these places are chomping at the bit to get a UFC event back there. Canada is and always has been a very important market to us. So we’re working on it. Yeah, we’ll be there soon.”


Ever since Justin Gaethje’s unforgettable fight with Donald Cerrone at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena in 2019, the UFC has not made a return to Canada.

Tom Aspinall, a UFC heavyweight, has reacted to Conor McGregor’s threat to “kill” him over comments he made about McGregor’s comeback fight against Michael Chandler.

Following a threat from former dual-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor to “kill” him, Tom Aspinall has decided to cease discussing McGregor.

After being threatened by former dual-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor, Tom Aspinall has decided to stop discussing him.

McGregor is set to make a comeback later this year in a fight against Michael Chandler after suffering a leg injury at UFC 264 in 2021.

During a recent interview, Aspinall, a UFC heavyweight, recently expressed his lack of interest in the fight and how he is “over” McGregor dominating the UFC for the past decade.

‘Notorious’ caught wind of the comments and responded to Aspinall on social media with a threat, as he wrote:

“Mush head rat keep your comments to yourself. “Bum p****. Say sayonara to that [Gym King] deal kid. Starve you and kill you I will you f****** disrespectful p****. Don’t ever speak my name in disrespect again. Mush potato head.”

This caused Aspinall to initially make light of the situation by uploading a picture of his phone that showed his name crossed out and replaced by ‘Mush head rat’. However, Aspinall has now decided to respect McGregor’s wishes and refrain from speaking about him, saying, “He’s a scary guy. He made threats so I’m gonna back off.”

Exhibition match between Floyd Mayweather and Aaron Chalmers sees Mayweather waltzing to an easy victory

  • Floyd Mayweather took part in an unofficial eight-round boxing exhibition with reality TV star Aaron Chalmers
  • Floyd Mayweather boxed in an exhibition at a largely empty arena in London.
  • The underwhelming attendance at the event may indicate a decline in public interest in Mayweather’s ongoing world tour.

Floyd Mayweather’s latest exhibition match against reality TV star Aaron Chalmers at London’s O2 Arena failed to deliver the excitement and intensity that fans have come to expect from the boxing legend. While the fight lasted eight rounds, it was clear that Mayweather was not putting in his best effort, and the match was more about entertainment and showmanship than competitive boxing.

Despite Chalmers being a trained fighter with experience in MMA and boxing, he was unable to land any significant blows on Mayweather. This was a marked difference from Mayweather’s exhibition matches in Japan, where opponents actually attempted to hit him, and managed to do so on a few occasions.

Mayweather, who celebrated his 46th birthday the day before the fight, showed few signs of slowing down, effortlessly evading Chalmers’ punches and dancing around the ring. However, the lack of competition and the obvious non-competitive nature of the match resulted in a disappointing number of empty seats at the O2 Arena.

It’s important to note that Mayweather does not invest much time in promoting these exhibition matches, instead relying on his well-established reputation and name recognition to attract fans. While this tactic has worked in the past, it remains to be seen how long fans will continue to pay for these events.

Overall, Mayweather’s exhibition tour has had its ups and downs, with some matches being thrilling and competitive, while others have fallen flat. While the allure of watching one of the greatest boxers of all time in the ring is still present, fans may soon grow weary of paying to see him fight opponents who are clearly outmatched.


Demetrius Angelo, born in our Nation’s Capital in the 1960’s among the residue of the Civil Rights Movement. During this time, his father was one of the first Blacks to integrate the Washington D.C Metropolitan Police Department which meant “Trouble” was not an option . In 1973, Demetrius began playing “Little League” sports and credits it as the catalyst for his interest in playing sports. He believes the sport taught him discipline and the importance of healthy living. It all started back in 1975 when Demetrius saw Bruce Lee on TV. Immediately he told his dad that he wanted to do “That”. So his dad took him down to the local Boys Club where the rest of Demetrius’ journey in the Martial Arts would start. The Korean art of Tang Soo Do was the initial Martial Art taught at the Boys Club and it was there he developed his love for Kicking. In 1979, Demetrius was introduced to Master Donald S. Bitanga of the American Asian Combat System, where he learned several styles of Martial Arts – including: Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Kobayoshi Karate, American Free Style Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Chinese Boxing, Western Boxing, Largo DeMano Escrima and Kobudo. Demetrius obtained his 1st Degree Black Belt at 16 and began student-teaching at the dojo which birthed in him a love and zeal for teaching.

The seventies was an incredible decade for Black film actors because it marked the first time they were the heroes on the silver screen. With the emergence of pioneers such as Grand Master Ron Van Clief (the first Black person in Chinese Kung Fu films) and people like Jim Kelly and Fred Williamson tearing up the silver screen here in the States, it’s no surprise that Demetrius caught the bug to be an Action Star!

At 17, Demetrius moved to New York City to attend college and pursue his desire to perform in Action Films! NYC quickly became familiar to Demetrius, as his mother was born in the Bronx. Demetrius steadfastly resumed his study of the Martial Arts meeting such greats as Masters Andre “Ice Man” Brown, Dwayne Sudan Thomas and Malcolm Livingston of the Wolf Fox Fighting System now known as DFT. It was in 1991 that Demetrius would get very close to his film icons Bruce Lee and Steven Segal when he was introduced to Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu by Master Keith Maza and Sifu Dr. Gary Young and at that same time he also met the late Grand Master Bob Bute of the Jukido Jiu Jitsu, Grand Master David Jones of Grizzmatic Touch Ryu Jiu Jitsu and Grand Master Florend M Visitacion (Professor Vee) of Vee Arnis Jitsu. Training with these Masters, Demetrius increased vastly in his knowledge of Aikido, Judo, Jiu Jitus, Arnis and Wing Chun in which he credits as the foundation of his own art Scientific Tactical Defense along with Karate, Kobudo and Firearms Tactics.

Demetrius used the lessons he learned in martial arts and applied them to his career in Fitness. As a Personal Group Fitness Instructor, he developed his own fitness brand, C4 Intense Training.

Demetrius appeared in his first Independent Action films in 1994 and in 1996 met “The Black Dragon” Ron Van Clief on set, who was instrumental in guiding Demetrius to his first national advertisement campaign for HBO.

Demetrius Angelo was a stunt performer in the Luke Cage episodes Suckas Need Bodyguards and Now You’re Mine.

Peter “Sugarfoot” Cunningham | Legends You Should Know About Pt.3

Sugar Foot is a retired Canadian 7-time World Champion Hall of Fame kickboxer, boxer, martial artist, actor and author. Rated by experts as one of the greatest full contact fighters of all time, Sugarfoot was a superb technician who possessed high fighting I.Q. and lightning speed.

Peter “Sugar Foot” Cunningham

He retired from kickboxing in 1996[4] with a record of 50-1-1, having avenged the only draw of his career but only one defeated Peter, the undefeated Richard Sylla at the WKA World Title in Paris.

Appeared in the film No retreat No surrender with Jean Claude Van Damme

As well as the blockbuster hit The Fighter

Cunningham’s skills in the ring have been praised by many martial arts legends, including Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Chuck Norris, Dan Inosanto, Rigan Machado, Don “The Dragon” Wilson


VETERAN martial arts practitioner Sijo Thomas Gettling began his study of Judo in 1964 under Judoka and Vietnam tunnel rat Robert Saunders

While deployed in Vietnam, Saunders gave Gettling his blessing to study Kung Fu under Sifu Diu Shen. Gettling’s passion for martial arts led him to Sydney Filson, who introduced him to two legends in their field. Jason Lau; a Wing Chun legend and Thomas Agero; a Kobudo master.

Blessed with the privilege to receive instruction from all three, Gettling at age 14 began teaching children from his neighborhood and turned to the tournament circuit when both he and his student found great success in the combined artform which is now known as San Lung Tao.

When he was 17, Sijo Gettling was approached by Adolfo Ennever to join the group of AFMA. Unbeknownst to him, the president of this group was Ronald Duncan- the father of American Ninjitsu… Not long after, Gettling was recruited as part of a select group called the Shadows of the Black Dragon.

For over three decades, Gettling served as the Renshi (Master Instructor) to Adolfo Ennever, O’sensei Ronald Duncan, and Hanshi Vincente Cruz.

In 2010, Gettling parted ways with AFMA and founded a successful organization called the World Warrior Alliance (WWA). The WWA hosted well-attended seminars around the USA and Canada.

Always a student, Gettling has received mentorship from Oso Tayari Casel and Soke Lil John Davis over the last 11 years.

Despite having several books and magazine features in his lifetime, Gettling’s biggest and proudest achievements beyond his students have been 100’s tournament victories, He takes pride in his student’s success both inside and outside the Dojo, as well as in his own career as a personal bodyguard to the stars that have included taking care of James Brown, Madonna, Tina Turner, and Pele.

Approaching year 58 of training, Sijo Gettling’s greatest gift without a doubt is his longevity and consistency in his beloved martial arts – career – students – and family.

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