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Next week, Box+Burn+Abs we’ll be hosting a Free Online fitness class via Zoom this upcoming Wednesday 5/20 @ 7;45 PM, Everyone is invited. You are free to pass the link on to family members, friends, and co-workers! We are giving back to anyone who has been in distress since the lock down. This is a great way to stay active and reach your fitness goals, during hard times it’s easy to forget how important physical fitness is and how easy it is to get out of shape; fast. Classes are normally only .99 cents per class with a $5 membership which is still a bargain but to give back we cutting that price for next Wednesday and making it free. During the class you are working out with other members of Box+Burn+Abs, but you do not need to be seen or heard! You have your own sense of privacy while taking a Box+Burn+Abs class, plus you have the convenience of doing the workout from home.

The Class is 30 minutes long, no weights or exercise equipment needed during our workout!!

It is recommended that you workout at your own pace, and take breaks during the workout, water breaks, seated breaks etc. Please join in at least 3 mins before to gather yourself and get ready for an action packed workout. After doing the free workout, you can sign up for a membership here by clicking the JOIN NOW button! Spread the news for us, and help get others in shape next Wednesday 5/20 @ 7:45 PM Eastern Time

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How I Went From 0 Views on on Pinterest to 20k Views Using These 4 Easy Steps!

I posted my first pins just about 7 days ago, from that point on I never looked back. I searched up every single detail I could on how to grow to your traffic on your Pinterest account and put that detail into action. A lot of people underestimate how using Pinterest the right way can boost your traffic tenfold. One of the important rules I remembered was to pin consistently and frequently.


1. One must Pin

Pin if your life depended on it! I was recommended that the average Pinterest user should pin 15-25 times a day! I took that information and quadrupled my effort I started pinning 100 times a day or more because I knew I wanted results fast and this was going to grow my traffic to the max. I pinned my stuff, of course to my own boards but I also pinned other peoples pins to my board 10 times more. This got me into the habit into becoming a consistent re-pinner. Social media apps tend to reward users who use the app daily, and stay busy.

I couldn’t make 100 pins that would take days or weeks. So I did the next best thing which was take someone else’s pins and pin them as much as I could. The next thing I did was focus on making my board stand out from the crowd. 


2. Create your own eye-catching pins

Eventually you want to get into the habit of creating your own pins and adding your website into the pin, so that when people do click on your pin they’re able to see your website instantly. Hence, the more traffic you’ll get. These are some steps you can take to make that one viral pin that will boost your traffic.

Make sure you create a pin that stands out, you don’t want to make a lousy pin because you definitely will not get views. Use long worded titles with action words included, also use bright colors that will make you stand out. Once you master these steps, you’ll be sure to get a viral pin that will have 50k impressions in no time.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on

3. Make up to 10-15 bright multiple boards 

Everyone seems to sleep on your important your cover image for your board can be. You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd, especially when you have someone scrolling through your feed. Even if you have low traffic for the moment, all it takes is one conversion. One app that helped me expand my creativity is Canva.

Canva allows you to make any kind of image, whether it’s a video or a business card, and save it to your phone. They have pre made pics that you can just edit and then upload it to your Pinterest. Make a colorful, and bright cover image with words that will catch your eye. And don’t just do 1 board, make sure to make up to 15 different boards. People want something to scroll, through and spend time looking in someone’s feed.


4. Use Tailwind, join tribes and group boards

The best tool and most convenient site for Pinterest users, is without a doubt tailwind. With tailwind you can pre-schedule multiple ads, Join tribes which have thousands of users (similar to boards), and also post in Tribes. Tailwind is super useful because not everybody wants to sit there on the phone pinning and re-pinning 24-7. With tribe you can select a schedule that will pin for you, whether it’s every 5 mins or every 30 minutes. Plus you get the luxury of joining tribes, which are a lot easier to join than joining group boards. Joining a tribe allows you to promote your business or blog, everyday i post a pin that i made to market my .99 cents Online Fitness Class Box+Burn+Abs. With Group boards you have to send an email to the person, multiple other steps, there’s a ton of rules and you just don’t want to deal with that, so make it easy on yourself and join tailwinds.


After committing to all these steps, from 20k views on my account i was able to bring my view count up 40k shortly after. And its all from taking the time to re-pin, pin my own content, create boards, and join tailwind. But nothing will happen unless you take action, and stay committed to your task. Put a note in that schedule of yours and remind yourself daily to increase your traffic, you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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How to explode your credit score by 40 points

Everyone’s been through their credit card woes. Your score constantly going up and downs just because you were late on a monthly payment. It’s easy to fall off track, and let your score slide. That’s why we need to constantly keep up to date with all our credit reports, payments, and credit utilizationHaving a great report can set you up for success for the future, especially with building wealth.


1. Credit Karma/Credit Sesame

We can’t fix our credit without first knowing what our credit score is. Credit karma is a credit monitoring app, that allows you to get a rough estimate of what your credit report is. It’s not always totally accurate, but it does the job. Credit karma also shows you how much your credit score would increase if you paid down some or all of your debts. It’s a great way to start off keeping up with your credit. There’s also tools on credit karma that can check to see if you would get approved for a certain card. This could possibly boost your score up by a lot of points. Credit sesame is similar to credit Karma as to where they grade your credit card performances from A to F. When I started building credit I used both of these apps to my advantage and I checked them almost every day. Here’s a link to sign up for credit karma. You can sign up online and through their apps.


2. Finger-hut 

Having zero credit makes it hard to get a credit card in the first place. A lot of people say “ you build credit go get a credit card it’s easy!” But…. It’s not that simple, some people weren’t lucky enough to start off with at least some type of credit. So they end up not establishing credit at all, and that’s a problem! We need credit for things like renting a house, or getting a phone, or buying a car. You need some type of credit. If you out there reading this post on credit, continuing reading you might find something useful. Luckily or me I was recommended fingerhut, a credit card company and shopping website that gives credit to those with bad credit. With a 580 credit score I was able to get a credit line of $500 to start off. This helped tremendously, because I was able to establish some credit. There’s other credit card companies that may offer you a credit line even with bad credit, you just have to go out there and search!


3. Get up to 3 credits to establish credit 

Now that we have one credit card, we have to create multiple credit lines to have more credit history. It’s important that we keep the balances low on these credit card. You want to keep all balances and credit cards under 30 % utilization. For example if your credit line is $1000, you want your balances under $300. This will allow your credit grades to be high. For some card companies, if you have bad credit you may have to pay a deposit to open up a credit line. Don’t be afraid to do so, you end up getting your money back if you cancel you credit with them anyway.  


4. Self 

Self helps you save move while building credit at the same time. One interesting thing that it does in particular is that it give you a different type of credit line. More like a personal loan, so you get a mix of credit which Is great because it increases your score. For one it’s good for credit newbies who have bad credit. Two your saving money with every payment you make. Three it’s roughly $9 to start. Once you pay off the personal loan, which you can choose how much you want to pay (I chose to pay $48 monthly for 12 months equaling $500), you get all your money bank. Plus they put your money in a CD so that it makes interest! This is a win win situation, if you want to sign up I highly recommend it. You can use this link to start using self! Using these methods will help you in your quest to a 850 credit score! If you have any more questions, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond right away. I want to see you succeed in life, and why not do it together! 

Top 3 Ways To Get Rich Off The Stock Market

To build wealth we must invest. Invest intelligently, by saving, being financially smart, and mitigating risk

Research – research – research. To find winning stocks, we must research. The best way to know which stocks are going to go up in value  and make you money, are the stocks that you use everyday. Stocks like Coca Cola, Apple, Facebook. These Moats aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but now that we’re mention it.

Our word of the day is MOAT:


A MOAT is a company who an economic moat is a distinct advantage a company has over its competitors which allows it to protect its market share and profitability. It is often an advantage that is difficult to mimic or duplicate (brand identity, patents) and thus creates an effective barrier against competition from other firms. 
This word is made popular by none that the one and only Warren Buffett.

Let’s Dive into our 3 Ways to get rich off of the stock market!


Number 1: Value Investing

Value investing, the old fashioned traditional way of buy and hold investing. You find a value stock that has low volatility and that’s at a great price point. Normally something that’s trading under boom value and is on Sale. —— once we buy into this stock we’re gonna buy and hold this stock and the longer we hold it the more money we make off of dividends, compounding, and growth percentage. If the market goes 10 percent for 3 years we’re pretty much making bank here. If we invest $10k and your stock goes up 10 percent each year for 3 years. At the end of that 3 year mark you would have made $13,310 a profit of $3,310


Number 2: Options Trading

Buying an option contract gives you the right to buy or sell 100 shares of whatever stock you choose, but not the obligation, meaning you exit the contract at anytime.

Options are one of the most flexible trades you can make out there. You don’t need to have a big bank account, as long as you minimize your risks and do your research, you can profit from $50 to $100 per day. To find out more information on option trading check out one of my most recent posts in this link.


Number 3: Dividend investing 

Dividend investing is a strategy that allows you to make income off of the stocks you own. Investing in a dividend stock, will generate a monthly or quarterly income for your portfolio. Buying Stocks with a hefty dividend can be a great investment for traders looking to make passive income, you can make even more of a profit by reinvesting dividend payments.

For example: If we buy 100 shares of GLAD at $6.16, or Gladstone capital. we would receive 7 cents per share per month. That’s $7 per month, $84 a year. Just imagine if you bought 1000 shares.

New Stimulus Bill Proposed To Cancel Rent And Mortgage Payments | Plus A Check For $2000 A Month

New Stimulus Bill Proposed To Cancel Rent And Mortgage Payments Plus A Check For $2000 A Month To Help The People.

Congress has stated that they have made two separate proposals for Americans who have been affected by the Coronavirus Epidemic. Fed discloses that they’re may be a 2nd stimulus bill that will give you $2000 a month, plus mortgage and rent will be canceled for up to one year. Introduced by representative Ilhan Omar Minnesota Democrat, under the Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act. 

Photo by Pixabay on

Today we’re getting into the 2nd proposal which would call for mortgage payments to be omitted during the covid-19 epidemic. It would focus on the following:

-Rent forgiveness in its entirety for one year.

-Mortgage payment forgiveness on your primary residence.

-There will be no accumulation of debt for renters or homeowners and no negative impact on their credit reports.


If you have already made mortgage payments due for April 1st, you will be back paid or reimbursed, as the bill will be retroactive to March 13 2020 so you will get that month’s rent/mortgage back if this bill is passed. You will not, however, be able to use this income for more than one property. You will have to include the primary residence that you live in to receive the mortgage forgiveness.

Photo by Pixabay on

Landlords and mortgage companies will also be covered by the department of housing and urban development. The Development of Housing and Urban development would create a fund for landlords to be insured on the rental and mortgage payments that have been missed by tenants. “The Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act offers the only solution that can meet scale and depth of our immediate needs to housing, and establish a new framework for long term recovery.” Ro Khanna


Top 3 Benefits of Becoming a Real Estate Agent | Rental Property Investing | HowtobuyNYC Podcast Ep. 2


HowtobuyNYC Podcast Episode 1.

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Vincent Ehindero award!


I would like to thank Tishgirl for nominating me for my first Vincent Ehindero Award. I humbly accept her nomination and always grateful that my blog inspires and encourages others to be considered for awards and for blogging awards already received..

Please check out Ritisha’s blog site @ She is excellent Blogger, with amazing content to share.

We are all in this to together as writers, so it is imperative that we help one another with support and advice. You can change someone’s life just by speaking to them. I can sincerely say you all have encouraged and inspired me. I learn something new every day and it’s because of your willingness to share. Thank you!

The Rules For Award:

1. Display the blog award log in your blog.

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and add their blog website:

3. Answer the questions they have given you.

4. Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers of your choice and inform them on one of their blog post.

5. Ask them 5 questions.

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

2.What is your favorite blog to read?

3. What are your goals?

4. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

5. Favorite blogging topics?


My Nominees For the Vincent Ehindero Award are:



Bull Beta@bullbeta

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Island Traveler@abubot6

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SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️@saania2806


Questions For Nominees If They Choose To Participate Are:

1. How were you inspired to start blogging?

My want and desire to teach others how to be smart with their finances. How to make investments that will eventually change their lives.

2. How do you spend time relaxing?

Being with my wife and daughter is how i spend my days relaxing, there’s no better time than the time you spend with your loved ones.

3. What country to you live in?

I live in the United States.

4. What are two of your favorite blogging topics?

My two favorite blogging topics are Real estate and Personal finance

5. What is your favorite food?

Chicken wings and Candy yams

6. How often do you blog?

Every other Day or at least once per day.

7. Are you a great cook?

Not yet haha.

Fellow bloggers, I hope this post finds everyone well and safe from the path of COVID-19.

Have a great night for some of you and good morning to others.