Explosive Clash: Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler’s Fiery Rivalry Ignites on TUF Set

Hold onto your seats, fight fans!

UFC President Dana White has just revealed that tensions are at an all-time high between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler. A heated argument even broke out on set during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter Season 31, catching everyone off guard.

Fans were initially thrilled about the friendly pairing of the coaches, but it seems like that’s all about to change. Chandler, who had been relentlessly calling out McGregor for months, is making his coaching debut on the show this season, while McGregor returns for his second stint. The pre-fight buzz is already electrifying, and it looks like we’re in for a heart-pounding rivalry that will leave us on the edge of our seats.

“Chandler and Conor were very respectful to each other, and then some things started escalating that you’ll see on the show. They don’t like each other now,” White said of McGregor/Chandler. “A lot of shit went down on Friday…the stuff that just happened, shouldn’t have happened…not good.”

Conor McGregor is itching for a chance to redeem himself after his last fight ended in a loss to Dustin Poirier by medical stoppage at UFC 264. Even while injured, McGregor showed he’s a true promoter and attacked Poirier during his post-fight interview. Now, he’s more motivated than ever to get his first victory since January 2020 and show the world what he’s truly made of.

But he won’t have it easy. Michael Chandler is also on a mission to bounce back from a defeat to Poirier at UFC 281 last November. As he makes his coaching debut on The Ultimate Fighter, he’ll be determined to prove himself as a force to be reckoned with and come out on top in his upcoming showdown with McGregor.

With both fighters hungry for redemption, this is shaping up to be an explosive, must-see battle that you won’t want to miss!

MMA Legend Mark Hunt criticized the UFC and Jon Jones, whom he called a “cheating steroid rat” after winning against Ciryl Gane.

Mark Hunt launched a scathing assault on Jon Jones and cast doubt on the authenticity of the UFC following its latest event.

In the lead-up to his fight against Ciryl Gane at UFC 285, MMA legend Mark Hunt took a swipe at both the company and Jon Jones.

After Jones won the heavyweight title by submitting Gane, Hunt took to social media to point out Jones’ history of drug test failures and arrests. He also questioned the legitimacy of the UFC for promoting someone like Jones, who recently became the second-highest-paid fighter on their roster.

Hunt’s comments included calling Jones a “cheating steroid rat” and suggesting that the UFC has no credibility for promoting such fighters. It’s worth noting that there have been no allegations of wrongdoing by either the fighter or the company leading up to the event.

However, Hunt has been in conflict with the UFC since 2017 when he filed a lawsuit against the promotion, its president Dana White, and his opponent at UFC 200, Brock Lesnar.

Hunt sued the UFC, Dana White, and Brock Lesnar following UFC 200

At the landmark event in July 2016, Mark Hunt claimed that the UFC knew Brock Lesnar was using banned substances prior to their fight.

However, in January 2022, the United States District Court in Nevada dismissed the case and ordered Hunt to pay £573,000 ($690,000) in legal fees to the UFC.

Despite this, Hunt’s legacy in MMA remains strong, with famous knockout wins against Derrick Lewis, Frank Mir, Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, and Roy Nelson.

Hunt retired from MMA and transitioned to professional boxing, where he scored a huge upset victory over Rugby legend Sonny Bill Williams in November.

Jon Jones emerges as the new heavyweight champion after defeating Ciryl Gane in his return to the UFC

In his comeback fight and heavyweight debut, Jon Jones made it seem effortless.

Jon Jones, also known as ‘Bones’, claimed the title of heavyweight champion of the world in a swift victory over Ciryl Gane during the UFC 285 main event held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

After a low blow at the start of the fight, the former two-time light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, swiftly took down Ciryl Gane and began working on submissions. Within a little over two minutes, Jones secured a tap from the Frenchman and became a two-weight UFC champion, solidifying his status as the greatest of all time after years of debate.

During his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, the emotional 35-year-old expressed his excitement, saying,

“I’ve been working on this for a long time. You know, a lot of people thought I was never coming back but I’ve been faithful to my goal and mission.”

Jones then expressed an interest in fighting former two-time heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, to whom he has been heavily linked, in July.

“Y’all want to see me beat up Stipe? One thing I know about the UFC is we give the fans what they want to see,” he added.

“I hope you’re training, Stipe Miocic, my guy. You’re the greatest heavyweight of all time, and that’s what I want. I want you so bad,” said Jones, expressing his desire to fight the former two-time heavyweight champion.

Miocic hasn’t fought since his knockout loss to Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 in March 2021, and the 40-year-old was previously hoping to face Jones in 2021, but the fight fell through, and Jones ended up fighting Gane instead.

Now, with Jones winning the heavyweight title, it appears that both fighters are ready to face each other in the summer.

Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Ripped Again for ‘Road House’ with Conor McGregor

While shooting for a new movie during UFC 285, Jake Gyllenhaal showcased his chiseled physique and proficiency in mixed martial arts, leaving a lasting impression on many.

Jake Gyllenhaal stole the show during the UFC 285 weigh-ins

Later this year, Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal is set to star in a remake of the 1980s classic Road House, alongside Conor McGregor, which will be released on Amazon Prime. Gyllenhaal recently made a cameo appearance at UFC 285, where he ‘weighed in’ for a fictional title bout with retired MMA fighter Jay Hieron, who plays his opponent in the film.

The following day, the 42-year-old actor appeared in character as Elwood Dalton to film a scene in the Octagon between actual fights at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Despite taking some heavy hits, Gyllenhaal landed a flying knee ‘knockout’ blow on his opponent, impressing UFC president Dana White, who commented on his muscular physique.

This isn’t the first time the Oscar nominee has played a fighter, as he starred in the 2015 movie “Southpaw” as a boxer trying to rebuild his life after a personal tragedy. To prepare for the role of a light-heavyweight world champion, the then-34-year-old actor gained 15 lbs of muscle and underwent several months of boxing training to become proficient in the sport.

Gyllenhaal underwent an intense training regimen, dedicating six hours a day to his workouts, which included 2000 sit-ups, an eight-mile run, and a combination of skipping, boxing, and weight training.

During an interview with Howard Stern, he confessed that he knew nothing about boxing prior to accepting the role and had to immerse himself in the learning process. Gyllenhaal said he trained twice daily for five months, starting with three-mile runs and gradually increasing to eight miles. His daily routine also included two hours of mitt work, heavy bag, and speed bags, although he admitted to being a novice in the sport, lacking basic jabbing skills.

He is now poised to co-star with Conor McGregor in “Road House” as an MMA fighter.

“Over five months, every single day, twice a day you just start learning the techniques. It took me two months to get the speed bag and feel confident with the speed bag.”

Gyllenhaal disclosed that he had engaged in actual boxing matches with professional boxers during his training, but had to cease several weeks before filming commenced as he could not appear battered and bruised in every scene.

He further elaborated, stating, “They were allowed to hit my face, and they did, but for most of the training sessions, we focused on body sparring. Then we progressed to full-on sparring, but six weeks prior to filming, we had to concentrate on choreography, as we needed to choreograph all of the fights.”

Despite taking a few punches along the way, Gyllenhaal enjoyed the training process.

He concluded by stating that the most intriguing aspect of acting was learning from professionals in various fields, and gaining insights into their work and experiences. He also acknowledged that being hit was part of the job, and it was a learning experience for him. Gyllenhaal added, “In fact, there are several actors who should get hit, and I’m one of them. It was okay.”

Following his impressive appearance at UFC 285, Gyllenhaal seems to have taken on the lifestyle of an MMA fighter, similar to Tom Hardy’s preparation for his role as a prizefighter in the 2011 film “Warrior.” Whether he continues to train in the sport, similar to Hardy, who trained for 12 years after his initial experience in martial arts, remains to be seen.

UFC 285 Face-Offs: Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane’s Intense Staredown Ahead of Title Fight

Ahead of their highly anticipated heavyweight bout, Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane came face-to-face for the first time.

MMA enthusiasts have eagerly awaited the heavyweight title bout between Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane, scheduled to take place at UFC 285 in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Fans were thrilled to see Jones move up in weight to challenge the former interim champion.

During the pre-fight press conference at the KA Theater at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Thursday night, the two competitors had the chance to size each other up. The heated exchange of verbal jabs between them was met with immense enthusiasm from the crowd.

Moments after the press conference ended, Jones approached Gane with an intense look of determination, causing UFC president Dana White to intervene and place the vacant title belt between them. However, Jones disregarded the strap and pushed it away in order to come face-to-face with Gane and engage in a powerful stare-down.

Mike Perry angered Jake Paul’s coach by sharing a “fake script” outlining his bout with Tommy Fury.

Mike Perry, the former UFC luminary, was present to substitute in case Tommy Fury withdrew.

Mike Perry disclosed that he received a furious message from Jake Paul’s coach following his publication of a fabricated script detailing the Tommy Fury fight.

Having inked a contract to compete against Paul, the ex-UFC fighter served as the reserve challenger for the affair in Saudi Arabia last weekend, although he was ultimately not needed, as the former Love Island star scored a big win, earning a split-decision victory.

Despite not squaring off against ‘The Problem Child’, Perry caused a stir by sharing a fictitious script for the Paul vs. Fury bout on social media.

He took into Twitter a controversial paper that listed how the fight would play out, accompanied with the caption: “What’s happening?”

The document outlined that Paul would enter the ring dressed as a baby and inflict a severe eye injury on Fury before clinching a TKO victory in the eighth round. Additionally, the ‘script’ proposed that Paul would challenge KSI in his post-fight celebrations, and it was shared so extensively that the event’s promoters had to issue a statement. They informed The Sun, “We can confirm it’s a fake.”

At the Diriyah Arena on Sunday, Fury took control of the narrative by skillfully outmaneuvering Paul across eight rounds and clinching a split-decision victory. With this win, he improved his unbeaten record to 9-0 and secured a position in the WBC rankings.

Perry has now disclosed that he was not the author of the script, despite publicizing it on Twitter, where it was shared almost 3000 times and reached an audience of 6.5 million people.

“It was an Instagram post I think my buddy sent me,” he told TMZ Sports.

“I posted it on Twitter, and it’s likely my best tweet to date. It received a lot of attention. People talked a lot of trash about me for it. “

The 31-year-old fighter also revealed that he received an irate message from someone on Paul’s team, but he was unfazed because the former Disney actor had previously leaked footage of one of their sparring sessions.

Perry went on to say, “Jake’s coach messaged me, upset about his reputation. But I was thinking, well, Jake didn’t care about my reputation when he posted a video of what I said to him during practice.”

The bare-knuckle boxer has already turned his attention away from a prospective match against ‘The Problem Child’ since he has secured a bout with former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold on April 29.

Perry is slated to headline a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship event that includes a clash between Chad Mendes and Eddie Alvarez, both of whom were defeated by Conor McGregor in UFC title bouts.

Eddie Alvarez Predicts McGregor’s Victory over Chandler by KO as “Mismatch”

According to Eddie Alvarez, Michael Chandler is in for a rough night against Conor McGregor in their upcoming fight later this year.

The two are currently filming The Ultimate Fighter as coaches. Despite McGregor’s long layoff after shattering his leg against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, Alvarez predicts a difficult night for Chandler.

“If I had to guess, Mike Chandler doesn’t wrestle,” Alvarez said on The MMA Hour. “If he stands with Conor, Conor’s going to knock him out. It’s a mismatch. Mike Chandler’s defense sucks. He doesn’t have good defense or boxing. He throws bombs, but Conor’s way too fast and quick to get hit with anything Chandler is throwing. So, if Chandler doesn’t wrestle quickly and use that to his advantage, it’s going to be a bad night for him.”

Eddie Alvarez has a personal history with both McGregor and Chandler. He infamously lost his UFC lightweight title to McGregor at UFC 205, and he had a couple of memorable fights with Chandler for the Bellator lightweight championship in 2011 and 2013.

These bouts are still considered some of the best fights of Alvarez’s career, and fans have been hoping for a trilogy fight between the two fighters for years. After his departure from ONE Championship last year, it seemed like the fans’ wish would come true, but Alvarez ended up signing with BKFC.

He puts the blame on Chandler for the trilogy fight not happening.

Logan Paul doubts if Tommy Fury can call his victory against Jake Paul a win and declares his intention to avenge his brother’s defeat.

Over the weekend, Fury defeated Jake by a split decision. On Monday morning, the American social media star and his brother Logan filmed a reaction video.

In the video, Logan raises a question about Fury’s satisfaction with his method of victory over Jake, as he secured a split decision win instead of a knockout victory. Logan can be heard saying,

“Congrats to the Furys, but did Tommy really win? Technically, yeah, but are you going to celebrate that? You were supposed to knock out this YouTuber, and it took you eight rounds to drop him. Congrats, but are you satisfied? As a boxer, I don’t know if that would satisfy me. You got it on paper, congrats, but you celebrated like you won the World Cup.”

It’s a valid point to criticize Fury for this, as he had previously stated in an interview with Boxing Scene that knocking out Jake wouldn’t be a significant accomplishment for him. He said, “When I knock him out, it’s not really gonna mean a whole heap to me. I mean, I’ve knocked out a YouTuber. Everybody expects me to do that anyway. You know, it’s not like I’ve knocked out a reigning, defending world champion and I’m the new world champion. I’m fighting Jake Paul. He’s got six fights. He’s coming off a YouTuber background. I am expected to win this fight. So, I’m not gonna be jumping for joy when I knock him out because I know I was gonna do this all along.”

Later in the video, Jake expressed his desire to have a rematch with Fury as his top priority, aiming to avenge his only loss in his professional career.

Logan also chimed in, saying, “If you don’t, I’d like to handle that. That was my first instinct, obviously.” However, Logan’s mother, revealed that in the immediate aftermath of Jake’s loss, Logan said, “I’m going to kill that kid.”

“It’s my little brother, f*** that,” Logan responded, before taking a shot at Fury, saying: “Inflatable arm a** motherf***er, f*** you.”

The UFC has made plans for an event in Canada in 2023.

During the post-event press conference for UFC Vegas 70 last Saturday, UFC President Dana White revealed plans for a return to Canada in 2023.

The announcement was made following the welterweight bout between Canadians Mike Malott and Yohan Lainesse, which ended with Malott (9-1) submitting Lainesse (9-2) via an arm triangle choke in the first round. Additionally, Canadian fighter Jasmine Jasudavicius won a unanimous decision over Gabriella Fernandes, bringing her record to 8-2.

“Yes, yes, yes, and yes, White said. “Obviously, it’s huge to have rising stars that are Canadian and guys that are actually legit and can really fight. And there’s no doubt both of those guys that fought tonight are. Malott looked incredible. And yes, we’re working on getting back to Canada ASAP. This is going to be the year that you know- the whole COVID thing, it’s gonna take us a few years to get back and hit every place that we need to hit. But the great part of it is that all these places are chomping at the bit to get a UFC event back there. Canada is and always has been a very important market to us. So we’re working on it. Yeah, we’ll be there soon.”


Ever since Justin Gaethje’s unforgettable fight with Donald Cerrone at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena in 2019, the UFC has not made a return to Canada.

Tom Aspinall, a UFC heavyweight, has reacted to Conor McGregor’s threat to “kill” him over comments he made about McGregor’s comeback fight against Michael Chandler.

Following a threat from former dual-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor to “kill” him, Tom Aspinall has decided to cease discussing McGregor.

After being threatened by former dual-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor, Tom Aspinall has decided to stop discussing him.

McGregor is set to make a comeback later this year in a fight against Michael Chandler after suffering a leg injury at UFC 264 in 2021.

During a recent interview, Aspinall, a UFC heavyweight, recently expressed his lack of interest in the fight and how he is “over” McGregor dominating the UFC for the past decade.

‘Notorious’ caught wind of the comments and responded to Aspinall on social media with a threat, as he wrote:

“Mush head rat keep your comments to yourself. “Bum p****. Say sayonara to that [Gym King] deal kid. Starve you and kill you I will you f****** disrespectful p****. Don’t ever speak my name in disrespect again. Mush potato head.”

This caused Aspinall to initially make light of the situation by uploading a picture of his phone that showed his name crossed out and replaced by ‘Mush head rat’. However, Aspinall has now decided to respect McGregor’s wishes and refrain from speaking about him, saying, “He’s a scary guy. He made threats so I’m gonna back off.”