Logan Paul doubts if Tommy Fury can call his victory against Jake Paul a win and declares his intention to avenge his brother’s defeat.

Over the weekend, Fury defeated Jake by a split decision. On Monday morning, the American social media star and his brother Logan filmed a reaction video.

In the video, Logan raises a question about Fury’s satisfaction with his method of victory over Jake, as he secured a split decision win instead of a knockout victory. Logan can be heard saying,

“Congrats to the Furys, but did Tommy really win? Technically, yeah, but are you going to celebrate that? You were supposed to knock out this YouTuber, and it took you eight rounds to drop him. Congrats, but are you satisfied? As a boxer, I don’t know if that would satisfy me. You got it on paper, congrats, but you celebrated like you won the World Cup.”

It’s a valid point to criticize Fury for this, as he had previously stated in an interview with Boxing Scene that knocking out Jake wouldn’t be a significant accomplishment for him. He said, “When I knock him out, it’s not really gonna mean a whole heap to me. I mean, I’ve knocked out a YouTuber. Everybody expects me to do that anyway. You know, it’s not like I’ve knocked out a reigning, defending world champion and I’m the new world champion. I’m fighting Jake Paul. He’s got six fights. He’s coming off a YouTuber background. I am expected to win this fight. So, I’m not gonna be jumping for joy when I knock him out because I know I was gonna do this all along.”

Later in the video, Jake expressed his desire to have a rematch with Fury as his top priority, aiming to avenge his only loss in his professional career.

Logan also chimed in, saying, “If you don’t, I’d like to handle that. That was my first instinct, obviously.” However, Logan’s mother, revealed that in the immediate aftermath of Jake’s loss, Logan said, “I’m going to kill that kid.”

“It’s my little brother, f*** that,” Logan responded, before taking a shot at Fury, saying: “Inflatable arm a** motherf***er, f*** you.”


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