The History Behind the Deadly Art of Survival Magazine

Deadly Art of Survival continuously soars as The Number 1 Martial Arts Magazine Worldwide.

Just a few days ago, the magazine’s 7th Edition came out and it immediately hit waves and made it’s way on the number spot, just like the past 6 Editions! Even the magazine’s Social Media accounts are gaining a number of followers,  with the Instagram account reaching a total of 89.3k followers! I guess a lot of people are interested to learn about the Martial Arts, even the younger generations.
And the magazine is living up to it’s goal of making sure Martial Arts and the Legends are being recognized anywhere and everywhere.

But how did the magazine started? Deadly Art of Survival CEO and Founder Grandmaster Nathan Ingram shared his story, on this short bio written by Shihan Glen Beck.

Grandmaster Nathan Ingram with over 5-decades of martial art training and teaching, was born in the 1950s and raised on the rough and tumble streets of the Lower East side of Manhattan in New York City. Moving through the neighborhood back then was a dangerous quest to get home safe while trying not to get dragged down under the grit that the Big Apple has in abundance. However, after enduring the extremely tough training, he eventually grew up to be a real-life superhero. The ever-respectful and loving family man stopped a bank robbery in 1981 and was lauded by then-Mayor Ed Koch.

In 1968, Nathan began training in the Japanese art of Shotokan Karate. Since then, he’s studied multiple forms under the supervision of many talented teachers. Notably, Mr. Ingram has obtained black belts in 6 different fighting systems, ranking from 3rd degree to 10th degree, Grandmaster, as well as being a skilled kickboxer. Aside from his long list of accolades, Nathan is a multiple-time Bareknuckle Champion which he accomplished during the 1970s. As a long-time teacher, he is the only Black man ever to own a dojo in NYC’s Chinatown, where he’s not only accepted but highly regarded by the community members.

When asked about the magazine he founded, “The Deadly Art of Survival,” Nathan said he came up with the idea for a few reasons. First, he felt that there was hardly any magazine coverage of some amazing men and women in the arts, specifically those living on the East Coast. After continued thought on the matter, he realized that the lack of support for these martial art greats wasn’t just an East Coast thing but a worldwide issue. These unsung heroes, not just those of grandmaster stature but promising newer-to-the-arts teachers to include outstanding students, deserved a format and a platform to be showcased without paying for it. Grandmaster Ingram’s last concern was the lack of integrity within the arts which he also says includes a lack of respect given and received by teachers and students alike. He repeatedly says, “I strive daily to be a better man and leader in my children’s eyes. They are my everything as much as you are your children’s everything. We must be better, if not for ourselves, but for them.” This is the why and how the magazine came to fruition.

This is such a wonderful and inspiring story we would like to share to the world.

Not just promoting Martial Arts, the magazine also supports the well-being of others. A portion of the magazine sales goes towards  Angelslive inc. is a Non-Profit organization, whose sole purpose is to provide help to homeless military veterans & seniors. They also assist those who have been affected by natural disasters and pandemics.


Last May 14, the Magazine had it’s first ever convention which was a huge success!
Because of the successful first convention, and due to high demand, a second convention is set to happen on September 10.

You may get your tickets for the event on:

You may check more information and updates on their Social Media accounts.

The Deadly Art of Survival Magazine 7th Edition: Featuring Grand Master Anthony Muhammad is already out and available at
Don’t miss out on it!

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One thought on “The History Behind the Deadly Art of Survival Magazine

  1. Thank you my friend loved the Biography of your magazine I’m so proud of you and you family who always looked out for the community you are a true community leader. God Bless you always 🙏 for all you do. 🙏 Thanks again for sharing


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