How to Avoid Tax Fraud

Tax-related identity theft is a big problem, and it affects a lot of families. So, if you can’t file your taxes yet, check out our other solutions to help you combat fraud. The IRS has a transcript service that anyone can use to obtain information about their filing histories. It won’t protect them from identity theft, but it will help them if they have been the victim of fraud to know now rather than scraping together what they can now.

An identity protection pin (IP PIN) offers an extra layer of protection against fraud. “People who have had issues with tax fraud in the past are going to be issued an IP PIN,” Burnette says. In the past, the federal government only issued PINs to those who were victims of tax identity theft and those who lived in specific states. But now, anyone can opt into the program. It’s important to keep in mind that as soon as you request a PIN, you’ll need to use one going forward to file taxes.

Protect your identification by filing your taxes before someone else can. You can avoid being a victim of tax identity theft this way. If you are looking for the best tax filing services, we can help. Please get in touch today by texting/calling us at +1 866-824-1440 or email us at Our professional team is available to take care of your needs and make sure you get what is rightfully yours.

Hiring a professional can help save time and money, while also ensuring that your taxes are filed correctly. Here at, we’re dedicated to helping all our clients receive the best possible results when it comes to tax preparation and filing. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you!

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