Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon musk seemed excited about Saturday night when questioned about the progression of SpaceX starship lunar lander project for NASA. NASA reportedly paid $300 million to SpaceX on July 30th is its most recent payment towards starship.


Days prior to the payment must tweeted in defense of the starship project after receiving receiving complaints from the likes of Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos’s organization the blue origin, had only been given one moon lander contract for it’s human landing system program. Which could be the fuel behind Jeff Bezos’s complaints. “We are especially concerned with the lack of flight readiness reviews in SpaceX’s proposal,” Blue Origin commented.

Musk was later asked whether the starship would be ready to land people on the moon by 2024. Musk responded via Twitter, “probably sooner.”

According to USA spending the gloves website $439.6 million has been paid to SpaceX for what will be a $3 million project.

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