Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan sell $5.9M Beverly Hills home and take a huge loss


Actor Channing Tatum and actress Jenna Dewan took a $75,000 hit on their $6 million Beverly Hills home last month, accepting a $5.925 million offer on July 7.

The newly divorced couple have been trending as of late for taking a $75k loss for selling their plush home. The home was formerly owned by Carrie Fisher. Tatum 41 and Dewan 40, ended up paying $6M back in 2015 and currently have sold the California property according to New York Post.

Photo: Redfin
Photo: Redfin
Photo: Redfin
Photo: Redfin
Photo: Redfin

Although the low sales figure will hardly cause a dent in the ex-couples bank account, it is hard to say that anyone wants to take a loss on selling a home.

Tatum has recently starred in a couple late films including “The Lego Movie 2”, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” adding to his $29 million dollar earnings for 2015.

When Tatum and Dewan first purchased the property, the home was listed as an estate with endless possibilities. With the home being built in 1949, it still has its Hamptons style look.

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