Anderson Cooper CNN journalist to sell 1.13M NYC home formerly owned by his late mother Gloria Vanderbilt

A lot of homes are being put on the NYC market this month but none as popular as Gloria Vanderbilt $1.125 million dollar home.

The apartment is located on 30 Beekman place in Midtown East. It’s a sprawling 2 bedroom 2 bathroom, and was owned by the late icon for many years,

Anderson Cooper – Getty Images

The price for the NYC home comes at a modest price tag, having no renovations done and being sold as is, one can say they are getting a deal with this lavish apartment.


Although the home is located on the lower floors of the apartment complex, which may be the reason for the price being extremely modest. You are entitled to the buildings amenities which are doormen and top of the line gym. However the $4311 maintenance fees are not included in the price.

photo courtesy of Anastassios Mentis/Brown Harris

The views from the river facing apartment are stunning, and can be seen through the large window foyer.

Cooper’s late and great mother also owns the art studio located on the lower levels but they’re have been no reports of him listing that as well.

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