A Boogie wit da hoodie Bronx Native Rapper being sued for clogging toilets with doodoo in lavish NJ Mansion

Bronx rapper A boogie wit da Hoodie has been charged with foul use of toiletries.

It’s been revealed that he was the source of $250,000 in damages to a rental mansion out in Mahwah, NJ. He was said to have clogged the toilets so bad, that sewage spilled through the floors.

Julius Dubose – A Boogie wit da Hoodie

Julius Dubose – had also been busted on weapons charges last month in a different home not to far from his current residence. Dubose – having 3 top charting number 1 albums, has neglected the rental mansion during his stay there and is building up a pretty crappy rep as a tenant.

Further damages include cut-out carpet and stains in multiple areas of the home. Walls and molding damages, landscaping damages, and entryway damages that have left the home unable to be leased until major repairs were done.

While Dubose’s team has failed to respond to the allegations. The owners of the home are requesting compensation of $263,592 and have already filed a claim with their insurers.

Author: Ingramuniversal.com

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