You Just Bought A Dryer But The Plug Won’t Fit Your 110v Outlet? | How To Set Up A Dryer With A 220v Plug

When we bought our high-powered dryer we found out very quickly that the voltage from the dryer didn’t go with our original outlets. The dryer that we bought had a 220v plug, and all our outlets were 110v so there was no way we were gonna be able to plug-in our dryer. Now our first thought was let’s call an electrician and pay anywhere from $500 to $800. But why pay that hefty amount, when there’s amazon?

We quickly found out that there was a way to still get a 220v plug to connect and work even if you did not change your outlet. All we had to do was order a connection plug from Amazon that allows you to plug-in 220v outlet plugs into two separate 110v outlets with this connection. The piece was only $89 on Amazon (click the link if you want to save yourself some headaches).

It’s fairly easy to set up, you just plug in one wire into an outlet close to the dryer and the other wire you plug into a totally separate outlet. This hands down saved us all those expenses and allowed us to hook up our dryer!

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