“How to buy real estate 4 kids” teaches how important financial awareness is for children of all ages. Starting to educate early on in your son and daughter’s life, is crucial in how responsible he or she will become in their adulthood. * * Throughout the series parents as well as children are taught simple steps to improve their credit, save money, and buy homes. The journey is super fun an exciting, especially when you commit to the goals given throughout the book.


When it comes to financially investing in your children it is very important to start early. At the age of one years old, they could have one year’s worth of credit history. If you put in one hundred dollars into an investment account for them, it could have grown seven percent. And that seven percent would then compound the next year and the next, until she’s eighteen years old.

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So if you haven’t started investing towards your child’s future. Start now, it’s better late than never. Take that money that you saved up and buy a rental property, use that income towards their college education.. When they grow older you can transfer the title unto them, this way your child can have somewhere to live, produce income, or sell in the near future. We all know children grow up way to fast, so don’t waste time.

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What’s In this ebook: 

• Steps on how to build credit for your child at an early age 
• How to save money & Invest.
• Learn how to write out daily goals & affirmations.