Online fitness class incorporating boxing, abs, and cardio exercises. This class is for any and every age, skill level, and person | No Discrimination Whatsoever |. Every Tuesday & Thursday at 8 am & 6 pm ET you will enter a class jam packed with ab training, sweat burning, weight loss specific exercises 30 mins long. Sign up below to receive a free Intro class!

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Working out from home has been the new fad as of late. Due to the environment we are currently in, fitness has been left out of some people’s daily routine. Let’s face it most people will only workout unless they have it in there schedule or have already set an appointment. Box+Burn+Abs is making sure you are staying healthy and fit.

Once you sign up, your appointment is set and you receive your free zoom link sent to your email. With each workout you are burning anywhere from 250 to 450 calories, you’ll feel energized to take on your day, and motivated to stay committed.

“You don’t get the butt you want by sitting on it all day”