Free BOX+BURN+ABS Online Fitness Class via ZOOM This Upcoming Wednesday 5/20 at 7:45 PM!



Box+Burn+Abs is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Box+Burn+Abs With Jacob WED Night 7:45PM Eastern Time:

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Meeting ID: 758 6790 2241

Password: 091120

If you enjoyed the class use this link to sign up to gain access to more classes!

Next week, Box+Burn+Abs we’ll be hosting a Free Online fitness class via Zoom this upcoming Wednesday 5/20 @ 7;45 PM, Everyone is invited. You are free to pass the link on to family members, friends, and co-workers! We are giving back to anyone who has been in distress since the lock down. This is a great way to stay active and reach your fitness goals, during hard times it’s easy to forget how important physical fitness is and how easy it is to get out of shape; fast. Classes are normally only .99 cents per class with a $5 membership which is still a bargain but to give back we cutting that price for next Wednesday and making it free. During the class you are working out with other members of Box+Burn+Abs, but you do not need to be seen or heard! You have your own sense of privacy while taking a Box+Burn+Abs class, plus you have the convenience of doing the workout from home.

The Class is 30 minutes long, no weights or exercise equipment needed during our workout!!

It is recommended that you workout at your own pace, and take breaks during the workout, water breaks, seated breaks etc. Please join in at least 3 mins before to gather yourself and get ready for an action packed workout. After doing the free workout, you can sign up for a membership here by clicking the JOIN NOW button! Spread the news for us, and help get others in shape next Wednesday 5/20 @ 7:45 PM Eastern Time

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